Monday, October 20, 2008

Edamame Popper

My Favorite Anytime Snack 
Step One: Pull individual serving of edamame out of the freezer and admire it's packaging.
Step Two: Poke a hole in the top and cook for 3 minutes or if you are like me, 3 minutes 8 seconds.

Step Three: Peel off plastic wrap on the top. Toss with salt.

Step Four: Devour and discard. 

I once counted how many pods I threw away and there were 72. That's great. These little suckers I got at Costco. They are 7 or 8 bucks for 12 little packages. I like them a lot. A LOT. 

P.S. Brittany if you are reading this, I really like that you call them lil beaners. Awesome. 

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Jamilyn said...

Yeahhhhh...I love those too!!