Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Being Serious

Have you seen this? I have. I have seen it twice now. It comes on in the morning on one of the kid's channels. It was mildly entertaining for me, and Griffin watched intensely, but for just about 10 minutes. It is pretty funny. It is like a "cooler" version of Barney. There is a big giant man in a costume and about 5 kids that worship him. The kids dance good though. Depending on what's on, I might even watch this again. I'm looking forward to a good laugh. 

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Kelly Mae said...

Your new blog layout is cute... I like the simplicity of it. I need to spend some time, like you, and add fun stuff to the side-bars and such.

Thankfully I have not seen Hip Hop Harry. Although, watching it with you might send me in to a giggle spell, which I miss very much.