Friday, July 18, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Not really. I don't actually fish, but I watch other people do it right beside me. Jason and I are going camping tonight in the Uintas. I am excited for a few reasons:

1. We are not taking Griffin. Don't give me any crap people, but sometimes mamas need a break from their children and I'm talking all night long. I know Griffin has been sleeping through the night, but it just feels good knowing that I will be able to sleep in and not feel guilty because he is going to be with his grandparents who love taking care of him and I will be up on a moutain top (and yes I am aware of that run-on sentence I just wrote).

2. I hear it's going to be COLD! Yay! I love being able to wear a hoodie and not sweat. It's hot here. I know, it's not as hot as Phoenix, but it's hot enough for me to sweat all day and that bothers me 'cause I constantly feel like taking a shower. But, I saw a pic of the Uintas in June of this year, and there was snow on the gound, which doesn't entirely mean that it's gonna be freezing, but STILL, there is going to be a nighttime chill!

3. I fully intend on having lots of fun, including but not limited to: eating snacks all night, sitting around a campfire (Jamilyn I know you're jealous of that at least), sitting in the tent, sleeping on an air mattress in the tent with Jason, reminiscing about the good ol' days of Jason and I when we first started "dating" er, making out, when we would go campin' and you know, just letting loose.

We are only staying one night, but that's good enough for me you know, I don't "rough it" too often, but lets not go there because if you tell me I am "too city" (because I grew up in OREM) then it will be likely that I will get offended because that happened to me last time I went camping 2 weeks ago and thats a post for another day. On Monday or whatever, I plan on posting pics from Griffin's birthday and stuff. So stay tuned.

Have a fun Friday!

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