Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Griffin of Mine

This child of mine is so unpredictable. I assume that most babies are. Thursday night he slept from 9pm to 6am, when I fed him a warm bottle, and he feel back asleep until 8:45am. That was grand. Yesterday he took one nap only, but it was around 3 hours long. Also, it was on the floor at my friend Courtney's house and the only way I could wake him was by picking him up. He slept on the floor?? Okay, weird, but it was nice. Last night he was down by 9pm. Around midnight, he woke up and screamed, screamed and screamed, and wriggled, and writhed, and pushed away from me for two and half hours. I finally got him to sleep at 2:30am. It was very obvious that he was really tired, but he just was fighting it. I suspect its teething. But nonetheless, very annoying, and very sad because I can't do much to help him, and I so very badly want to. Just now, after I changed him, it appeared he was ready for his first nap of the day. I set him in the crib and left to let him cry a little and make a bottle. He cried for about two minutes and then nothing. Startled by the quiet, I went in there to check on him. He's asleep. He went to sleep by himself. No warm baba, no rocking, no singing. Thats great of course, but probably just a one time thing. Most likely a one time thing, seeing as he is still probably very tired from his little show last night.
Well, I still have more I could blog about, and I hope to soon. But as for now, I think I may lay down as well. I can stay up til 2am if I try, but I really would rather not, especially if its no fun.

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Anonymous said...

When are you going to post pics up of Griffin? Your whole family? I don't know how you do it, I don't know what I'm going to do if I ever have a baby that won't sleep through the night. My hubby and I have already decided he will be the get up in the night dad because I'll probably sleep through it all. Griffin sounds like a trooper. :)