Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yes, Its Spring Break Here in Sunny Phoenix

I don't have any snow to complain about. There is no snow where I live. Isn't that odd? There is snow, however, just 3 hours north in my same state. I grew up in snow. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine's, all riddled with snow. Hell, even Halloween was quite chilly. When I moved here around 13 years ago, I never quite got used to the holidays without the snow. In fact, its almost like it doesn't exist altogether. If its not snowing here today, then surely its not snowing in Provo. Could it be? I mean ok, maybe in Pittsburgh, since thats really far away, but Utah is just above me, so that seems plausible. So I can't join in the blogness of saying that I wish the dang snow would just melt already. But to be fair, what I can complain about is having a cold. It may not be cold, but that doesn't mean crap. Jason was sick, now me, and Griffin has been for weeks. I just took him to the doctor yesterday. I wasn't going to because generally you can't do anything for babies sick with colds. But after two weeks, I reconsidered the pediatrician. She gave him a breathing treatment and he did well. Now we have our own little machine to give him treatments at home. Sometimes I wish I could give to myself after hacking all night. So, snow wherever you are, go away and leave the people alone. But germs, cold germs, and germy germs, please please go away too, even when its sunny.

P.S. Everytime I see the word Blog, I always think of it as short for bologna. I know its strange. But surely someone else can see it.

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