Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That's What He Said

I guess I need to actually write this stuff down instead of saying that I will and then eventually forget to and forget what I wanted to write. These are some funny things (funny to me) that Griffin has said to me recently:

"Oh, goodness." When I cautioned the skateboarders in the road to move or else I was going to run them over.

"Oh, god." When my mom couldn't find her car keys once. (gotta work on saying gosh!)

So..this one is kind of inappropriate but I must include it. Usually, everyone knows that I don't swear or cuss. BUT I have a tendency to do so when I'm driving. I said "Move, you dumb bitch!" Griffin says to me "Mommy, is that truck a dumb bitch?" My reply: "Yes." Woopsies!

Also when Griffin says the word bridge, which is actually a lot since he is kind of obsessed with them, it sounds an awfully lot like bitch. Too much so. Daddy told him not to say that word and Griffin was so confused. Jason didn't know he was saying bridge.

One day Griffin was climbing into bed to take a nap and my mom and I were about to read him a story. He looked at my mom and said: "Will you join me Grandma?"

Then one day Jason was making himself a drink or a snack or something and Griffin said to him, "Enjoy Daddy!"

Today when we were watching PBS, an ad came on that comes on every time before Curious George and Griffin turned to me and said, "Mommy, Monkey George is coming on next." then it came on and he said "I told you so, Mommy." All matter-of-factly.

I don't quite know how to word this one, but Griffin found a certain boy body part under his weenie and said "Look Mommy, my pee pee has his own little belly! Cute little belly!" Personal for him I know, but too cute not to share.

He talks A LOT ALL DAY LONG and some of the things he says to me are just so funny and polite and weird. I love how he says no thank you when I ask him a rhetorical question, or how he is always curious as to what I am doing and says "Oh." after I tell him. Just today I was vacuuming upstairs while he was "helping" Jason clean the guest bath and he yells up to me "Keep it down up there!" and when we're at the grocery store, I say something like "One last thing..." then he says "Let's get out of here Mommy."

He is still so busy and hardly sits down except for when he is really into a show or book. He LOVES going to the Cub House at Basha's-one of our local grocery stores that has a child watching area in the store where you can leave your children ages 2 1/2-11 for up to 90 minutes. He asks to go there every day. I wish there was one in the Fry's too-since they have a better selection there and he just adores one of the ladies that works there. He is very much all boy and I know I should get him in a preschool soon. Anyway... we went to Disneyland last week, so I will have to do a post dedicated to that. I'll try and remember some of the other things he said/says, it's really very important to me.

I forgot to add that he calls everyone honey. It's so cute! I call him honey all the time, so obviously that's where he gets it but it's so funny to hear him call the most random people honey. I love it!

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Lyssa said...

I love the belly thing. I laughed so hard. I find myself saying words that Christian is starting to repeat. He now says Shut. He hasn't gotten to the up part yet, but he will.