Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pacific Beach

The first part of August, we went to San Diego with my mom. Pacific Beach, to be exact. When we go, we don't really ever leave the hotel or surrounding areas. We go to the beach, we eat, we sleep and we go to the beach some more. Once the car is parked, that's that, unless we need to run to Ralph's for diapers or something. I went a day early in the car with my mom, my sister, Griffin and my nephews. My step-dad also came, and my sister's fiance and his son. Jason came the next day. Since we were not really planning on going then just decided to, we knew we would probably have to share a hotel room with my parents. But we lucked out and got our own (on my mom's dime). That was super nice, since Griffin still naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon. And, just super nice in general. I had a really really great time with my family, especially my mom. She is so good to us. She spoils the kids, AND the adults. Here are some snap shots of this weekend trip.

Griffin staring out onto the beach during one of our nightly beach walks before bedtime
Okay, so it wasn't that cold, but it was chilly enough at night to throw on a hoodie. We love it.
This is my California beach hair. Because it just does nothing! It doesn't stay quite straight, it doesn't stay curly, it just goes however it wants and frizzes all over. My whole outlook is "who cares!" I have been able to get over it a little bit, to just have fun.
My mom bought all 3 little boys Pacific Beach Lifeguard hoodies. The twins got red and we wanted a red one for Griff, but they only had his size in blue. I actually really like it, even though the Lifeguard hoodies are pretty trendy down there.
This is what the restaurant called "herb and nut encrusted brie with mango salsa" BUT I think it looks like bird seed encrusted brie and it tasted like it too. (:
Me and my little man at dinner.
Boys playing in the sand the first minute we arrived.
This old, worn, vandalized, tin-looking dinosaur in front of a gas station in Gila Bend, AZ. Griffin is really into dinosaurs right now, so he loved it. There was also a bad looking rattle snake too, but it didn't fit in the pic. What do you know? Griffin likes snakes too. 'Twas cute.

And that's that. I had to get out the first San Diego trip before I blogged about the longer, more eventful San Diego trip we just got back from. And I was in the mood to blog (ya know, instead of sleep) so I just had to. Have a good Wednesday!

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Audrey {+} John said...

I love San Diego! Glad you had fun! That was so nice of your mom...