Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday!

I'd like to give a Birthday shout out to my good friend Jamilyn. We have known each other since we attended Cherry Hill Elementary School in Orem, Utah. I don't remember the exact grade we met but I remember giggling a lot with her and talking about our crushes. I crushed on a boy at school, Bobby Stone, and she crushed on JTT..ya know Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Hehe. I moved away to Arizona after 6th grade, but we became MySpace friends in 2006 and since then I've considered her to be a great friend, even though we live far apart and do not get to see each other. Well, today is her Birthday, and I hope she has a great day. I know she already had her party, but I hope she gets great presents, hugs and maybe kisses too from her friends, family and co-workers.


Here we are in our 4th grade picture. We are standing next to each other on the top row from the left. I am lucky to be Facebook friends with a lot of these people still today. That makes me happy because I loved that school and those years.

I freakin love this picture of Jami and her daughter, Bailee.

And here is Jami, Bailee, and Griffin back in 2007 when we met up at Temple Square to see the lights. Sadly, I think that's the last time I have seen her in person.

Now, everyone, jump on over to Jamilyn's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday! Now!


Jamilyn said...

Oh my gosh! Regan! I freaking LOVE you!! You are too too too toooooo sweet!! This made me tear up!
And we met in Preschool... I love the pictures!! Thank you sooo much!!!

Brooke said...

I know Jamilyn, she lived around the corner from me growing up! Rossi will be two in January, that's cool you have a toddler too.
thanks for the middle name suggestion!