Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm on hiatus. I know I don't really blog enough to use that word but I like saying for some reason. (;

My life right now is all sorts of complicated. My problems are piling up and growing as we speak. I am an emotional wreck, I have enough anxiety for three other ladies, and my checking account is vast approaching zero. Do you know what day it is? The day after my electric bill was due, 3 days before my car insurance goes through, 5 days before the car payment, and just 7 days till mortgage is due and my husband's paycheck will be around zero on Friday. Oh and don't forget the water bill and diapers..milk...stuff like that. I'm.Going.Nuts.
I don't need anyone telling me I am doing it wrong, or that I haven't tried hard enough. I am not looking for your sympathy, your money, sure, but not your sympathy. Haha! I'm just kidding. I'm just in a place right now, where I don't know I have borrowed more than I'll ever be able to repay. I am fighting with my husband more than ever, I am more tired and stress-ridden than ever before...but my son keeps me going. He makes me smile. I am not going to sit around and cry all day. I apply for jobs at every chance I get. It's the daycare that gets me. If I could go back just 6 months ago...I so would. I would in a heart beat.
SO maybe one day soon, I'll regain my need to blog. I'll let my creative side shine again. But not today. Not for a long while I'm afraid.


Audrey + John said...

that sucks. i feel like that sometimes too. life is crappy so when it's good you can know the difference. good luck chica!

Jamilyn said...

I'm sorry. I know what you're going through. I am so broke it isn't even funny.
Today on my lunch break I drove around and cried because I don't know how I am going to pay for ANYTHING! Christmas, bills, rent...and the list goes on...
I'm debating getting another job. Uggh

Ben and Kathy said...

I'm very sorry. You'll be in my prayers. You & Jamilyn are loved!