Friday, July 3, 2009

Rest in Peace

Our beloved, sweet and beautiful Emily is resting in the arms of her Savior.

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Our beloved, sweet and beautiful Emily is resting in the arms of her Savior.

Here is a post she made several months ago;
“Who I'd like to meet:
I can’t wait to meet my awesome creator!! I love you Jesus”
It is a great comfort for all who love Emily, to know that she has now met her awesome creator, and is resting in his arms.
I wanted to also repost the incredible message that Emily posted over 2 years ago….which are definitely words for us to take in and apply to our lives;

"To all my family and friends. I have learned something today. Never take anyone for granite!!! You never know if you will see them tomorrow. Life is soo short, and we don’t spend enough time telling the ones we love how we feel!! Please everyone call your parents everyday and tell them how much you love them and how much you NEED them. Call your friends, family and siblings and tell them the same. I know life is busy but we need to not look over the little things that matter the most, and that is the ones we love!!! God has mysterious timing and you never know what tomorrow will bring!!"

We Love you Emily

To Emily's family: You are all in my thoughts. I am crushed by your loss. Love, Jason, Regan and Griffin Golding


Tanika Lee said...

I didn't know her. But I know how much she meant to everyone. I am soo sorry for your loss. I almost started crying as I read this. But then, I stopped, she is with Him now. She is looking down on all of you and is now your own angel.

I know that doesn't really help.

I truly am sorry.

tiburon said...

That is heartbreaking. I am so sorry :(

Anonymous said...

You know a year has almost passed and reading your blogs from then brought tears to my eyes and it still feels like a fresh wound... she was a wonderful person and even though I didnt hangout with her as much as many did she still made a huge impact on my life and I loved her dearly... Rest in peace Emmy we miss you so much!