Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Latah Peeps

Yep I changed my layout again. And I must say that this one is a winner. Where have you been sweet layout? I have been searching for you. It's simple, clean, and I got my pink in it. Thank you very much to Tib for letting me know that my text was hard to read because I knew I wasn't the only one. That was a cute layout and all, but I don't like to make it any harder for people to read something that isn't all that interesting in the first place. Also, I added a whole bunch of new links under My Faves on my sidebar. I have been thinking of getting Google Reader so that I don't have to have my updates on my sidebar anymore, but you know, I really actually love them. So we'll see. Sometimes I search through blogs by clicking on the link at the top of most blogs that says Next Blog and sometimes I come across a blog that I really like, so I bookmark it. Well, I needed to go through my bookmarks because they are getting very disorganized and out of control, so I added the ones I love and think others will love to, on my side bar. Cha cha cha check it out. Latah peeps!

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