Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our House, In the Middle of our Street

Okay so my last post was kind of depressing, but last week (and weekend) was kind of depressing. I will not go into it, because well, you don't really need to know, but I was mucho upset. I had to vent, without going into detail, and I did, on my blog. I try to stay away from that, in fact, there's a lot I don't share on my blog, but I let my anger get the best of me I guess. So, sorry. I vent from time to time, and not in a cutesy manner. I swear, I say things I don't mean, but I try and tone it down for other people's ears. I don't write letters, but I think I might try it from now on. 

Anyway, we are close to closing on our home. It should be the 31st. I hope it all goes as planned, because I'm thrilled to have a place of my own. We won't have a lot of money to work with after our down payment to do new stuff like we had wanted to. We wanted to put in new flooring, carpet, and paint, but we'll have to see which one we want the most. Also we need a fridge, washer and dryer. Oy. It would just be nice to get that kind of stuff done before we move anything in. Hopefully we will just be able to paint at least. Jason's older brother, Nick, is coming to visit on the 31st. It will be his Spring Break and he wants to come see some Spring Training games, but we also plan on putting him to work. He also has a fridge he can loan for us a year. It's not a real pretty fridge and it wont match any of our other appliances, but it works for now. As long as we get the carpet cleaned, I will be happy. The carpet is not a color that I would pick, but it's not too bad, just needs a good cleanse. The floor in the kitchen is vinyl hardwood and we would like to put in laminate hardwood, as well has tile in all the bathrooms, but that can wait as well. 

Our New House, isn't it lovely?
 It's smack dab in the middle of  a cul-de-sac.

Well, here's the scene here right now: it's 10:28 am. Griffin and I are still in our pajamas, we have watched Thomas, Oswald, and Curious George on TV, I'm drinking a Red Bull and I think we should get our butts out of the house now. It's a beautiful day out there! Hope you all have a great day too. I am going to to try and be ultra-positive, even if I don't feel that way. 


Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

that is beautiful!!! congrats!!! i'm so jealous but happy for you guys! hope it goes great!

Molli said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting. I love your house, too. But it looks like it's hot... too hot. :)

tiburon said...

What a GORGEOUS house! Congrats!!
Do we get to see pics of the inside? :)