Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Some highlights of my weekend:

*On Saturday I went to lunch with my friend Brittany who I don't see often enough. We went to Pita Jungle and it was absolutely fabulous. I love that place. I could eat something different off the menu everyday for weeks. My sister, Kelly, babysat Griffin for me so I could go alone. Thanks Kel! I know he had a great time there because she is great with him and they were all alone so he was probably getting tons of attention. 

*Saturday evening Jason and I went to The Keg for our 5 year dating anniversary. Jan 17th, 2004 was the date that we finalized our relationship from "I know we are going to be together, but it's not official yet.." to "We are together, we had the talk, phew." I LOVE The Keg. They have great food there AND we had a gift certificate from my wonderful sister and her honey, Mike. 

* On Friday night, we stayed in and relaxed. My step-dad was out of town, making it easier more my mom to relax and do her thing. She ordered take-out from Outback and it was no joke the best I ever had from there. I love Outback, even if I don't eat meat. Then after Griffin went down, I had a couple glasses of champagne while watching old re-runs of 7th Heaven. Yes, you heard me, and I am a little ashamed but whatev. 

* Sunday, we watched football and learned that the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. That was pretty exciting for our state. 

And here are some lowlights of my weekend:

* It felt as though Jason and I fought all weekend. Jason's fighting style is very different from mine, so that causes me to get hurt most of the time. I keep it in, he lets everything out, and it can make for a pretty miserable time. He always apologizes later, but it still pretty hard for me to handle. 

* We are broke as a joke. Jason's foreman didn't turn in his time card for the whole week, so he only got paid for two measly days. That doesn't cut it.  We had to wait until Friday to get Griffin's antibiotics because they cost $111.00 and then that practically wiped us out, what with bills and gas and stuff. 

*Sunday morning Griffin woke up with a terrible fever. It was at 104 for most of the day. Tylenol would not bring it down. He was just draped on us all day and kept whining. He wouldn't eat, would hardly drink and was SO hot to the touch. At 7:30pm I finally just had to call the pediatrician. She said we needed to take him to the ER. That led to another disagreement between Jason and I as we don't have insurance. I won. We took him to the Gilbert Mercy Hospital and they checked his fever rectally and it was at 104.6 so they assured us it was good we brought him in. Poor little man, I hate watching him get poked and prodded. They drew blood and took a chest x-ray. The waiting room was packed and I was nervous, but they got us back into a room rather quickly. They hooked him up to an IV to get some fluids in him. Basically, they told he was very dehydrated. Which I feared because he hadn't gone to the bathroom all day. I thought it was related to his staph infection (he gets them frequently) but it looks like it is a viral infection. They sent us home around 11pm. 

He has been sick since Sunday. Monday and Tuesday he perked up a little bit, but then if I don't give him a fever reducer religiously every three hours, that fever shoots through the roof again. He has also been throwing up a little and he still won't eat. It scares me, but at least I know what is causing it now. I swear it was some lady at the park that jinxed us. I see her there every so often, she is a nanny to a boy who is 2, and she is very opinionated. She asked me how often Griff gets sick the proceeded to tell me how her boys hardly ever get sick blah blah blah. She about died when I told her Griffin had just had a flu shot a month prior. She doesn't believe in them and told me he would get sick. Thanks Lady! It was a recommendation from his doc that he get one, so I don't feel too guilty even though I have never had one and only had the flu a handful of times throughout my life. Anyway, he is a little boy. Do you know what he does all day? Climbs around, runs, jumps, puts stuff from the ground in his mouth and sometimes eats it. Plays at the park, the play place at the mall, my room, outside, the garage, anywhere. 

That's my rant about that. The bottom line is that I want him to feel better fast. And I have a lot going on now. I am thinking of getting a part-time job to help out. The house hunting is going horrible, and pretty much things are changing for us constantly. I am so very thankful that my mom has Tivo, so I can watch Bromance to get my mind off of serious things. (:


Jamilyn said...

I hope the little man gets feeling better soon!!
(and I still don't feel like posting...sorry) lol

Ben and Kathy said...

I wish I was closer so I could give you some hugs or at least some chocolate hugs.
I hope Griffin gets better really soon. It's hard not only on him, but you too. It sounds like you're really worn out. Fighting with husbands doesn't help at all.
Just imagine that I'm sending your favorite treat to you to perk you up. If I could mail some chocolate across the border then I would, but the U.S. wont allow it.