Saturday, January 31, 2009


Answer me this blog buddies: my husband wouldn't let me go out last night for an hour or two with my good friend who was paying and driving because he said it's not right for a married woman to go out with a single friend. Is he just jealous or am I not being sensitive enough? He said it would be okay if he went with us. Then the whole night he was jerky to me just because I asked. So it didn't really matter if I went or not, he was still angry with me. But I stayed home because I'm not the type of person to say screw you and go anyway. I respect that he wants to spend time with me but sheesh! I need to get out! He never needs to get out. Apparently I'm only allowed to leave the house under these conditions:
- It's daytime
- He's working
- It's free
- Or I go to the MVD to register HIS truck b/c he works
- Any errands 

It feels like B.S. to me! 


Ben and Kathy said...

Husbands don't understand what it takes to be a mom. Especially a stay at home mom. Is your single friend male or female? That might make a big difference. Sometimes people take their frustrations with themself out on someone eles.
I do the same thing as you. I'm sorry that happened. If he wnts to spend time with you then he should put some effort in it to make you feel loved and wanted. So you would want to spend time with him.
Email me your mailing address. Please!

Jamilyn said...

I'm sorry my dear!!

Eric lets me go out with "All my Single Ladies"...(had to throw that Beyonce tid-bit in there)...but that's because he trusts me.

That, and I wouldn't go if I knew we'd be doing something scandalous! (me...never!)

Men will be Men! Eric is the same with never needing to get out...he doesn't even stay in contact with any of his friends either...

Maybe I should have phrased that..."Boys will be Boys"...because that's usually how they act...