Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Daybook

My Daybook. God bless you Kelly, my wonderful sister, for tagging me. I now tag Lyssa, Tanika, and Brittany.

I am wearing: Well, today is going to be laundry day if I ever get around to it, so I am wearing a 6 year old Men's Softball shirt that is Jason's and my blue sweats that are probably 6 years old too. 6 year old clothes=comfy.

I am reading: Breaking Dawn, still. I am forcing myself to finish it. I don't know why, but it just barely holds my attention. And I always have Good Night, Sleep Tight on my night stand for parental reasons.

I am hearing: cars passing on the street we live on, my father-in-law working in the office two doors down, and the waves on the sound machine in my son's room from the baby monitor. And also a clock in our room that tick-tocks.

I am learning: more and more about living life as a grown up.

I am thankful: for my loving family who would do anything for me, my husband and my son.

I am hoping: that moving back to Arizona will go smoothly.

I am creating: a summer-themed scrapbook for my mother-in-law for Christmas.

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Jamilyn said...

Even though you didn't tag me...GRRRR...how dare you! LOL..I am going to do this one on my blog too! So there!