Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay for Surprises!

Last night I was making dinner (you know putting frozen pizza in the oven) and Jason decided he needed beer with his pizza. Not an odd thing for Jason, so I sent him to the store and I told him to also get me a "suprise." Jason always has a hard time with that request which I think is dumb because a surprise for me could mean anything: candy, a fancy "new age" drink, a magazine, a toy for Griffin, flowers, or even just a balloon. This surprise things stems from when I was a little girl and my mom would run into the store, leaving me in the car. I told her just to get me a surprise! And she would always deliver. And it could be anything, as long as she thought it might make me smile. Anywho, I wasn't sure what Jason would come back with, or if he would even remember. So when he came back, he came bearing beer for him, soda for me, and voila- an Us Weekly! I was wanting it a couple days ago when we went grocery shopping, but I held back. I was pleased. Then he told me he had one more surprise but he left it out in the car because it was too heavy. I knew immediately that it was a pumpkin! Yeah! I wasn't sure if we were even going to carve them this year. At my family's house, we usually do those cool patterns, but we are not at my family's house this year, so we didn't do those. I know Jason really doesn't like to buy stuff like that when there is a perfectly good knife at home. So, he bought one for me and him. I was a little sad that he didn't buy one for his little brother, but I don't know what happened there. Anyway, Ryan said that he didn't really care for carving them anyway - poor kid! So, we went to work and here is how it went down:

Jason cleaned out both of the pumpkins while I ate dinner. Now, I just have to point out something. When I looked inside of mine, I was a bit disappointed. I said "Jason! This isn't cleaned out nearly enough. It's still way too thick!" and he said "Regan, you don't have to do it like your mom does. It doesn't have to be cleaned to the core." My mom happens to do an awesome job, she gets a workout. And the walls are always perfectly cleaned. But, Jason's job is just mediocre. He gets a lot of the seeds out, but I'm still skeptical. At least he cut a vent in the lid for me, as my mom always does. 
Here is Jason contemplating what to carve. I do realize that my pictures are blurry, but my camera is broken still and  these are my memories, so they are probably blurry anyway since I didn't have my glasses on. 

This is what Griffin did as we carved. 

He was a little unsure of the pumpkin. He held a piece for about 2 seconds, made a face, threw it on the floor and stared it down.
This is also what we did. We tried to all sit down like Griff does. He squats with his feet flat on the floor, and bum nearly touching the ground. We all think it's so cute. I know all babies do this frog squat thing, but it's really funny when your own offspring does it. So we all tried it and Jason did it the longest, Ryan did it well, and I sucked big time. 
Here we are with our finished projects. I know it's another bad pic, and I could probably make it a little better looking, but for now it's gonna be like this ok. I made my pumpkin completely girly with heart-shaped eyes, eye lashes, a tiny upside down heart nose, and a goofy smile with three square teeth. Jason went to the spooky route. He made his a cyclops, with a basic triangle nose, and the mouth was the best. He just did it very jagged, if it were real, it wouldn't be able to close his mouth at all because the teeth didn't line up, they were just jagged. 
Here they are!

P.S. I saved the pumpkin seeds. Anyone have a really good recipe for them, let me know.

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