Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's October!


And can I just say how freakin' cute Griffin was last year? He was freakin' cute. He was only three months old last time around, but I am a very festive person, so you know I dressed him up. Especially because I had a lot of fun just holding him when we took my nephews out trick-or-treating because he got a lot of attention. This year he is going to be a bumble bee. I just bought the costume yesterday. I got it off of ebay for 99 cents plus $7 shipping. I have a picture, but I think I'll wait to show you until he is in it. I, of course, think it's adorable. 

This picture is of him and his Halloween jammies. He had just started sitting up in the corners of chairs and the couch and he loved it. This year, he already has three sets of Halloween pjs. 
This was his costume for Halloween night. I saw it somewhere and I really wanted it but it was kind of pricey for a little baby. So, my sister got it for me for one of my birthday presents. I was so excited!

This what I had dressed in him that day. It's not really a costume, it's a just a onesie with a sailor theme and a little hat that I got off of something else.

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