Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Play

I have been meaning to update my blog, but I just haven't found the time to do it. So, here I am posting a hodge podge of pictures from some things we have been up to lately. I am doing it this way instead of doing a post for each event because I don't know about you but it takes ages for pictures to load onto my posts. In the past month, we have been to San Diego, Phoenix, and have done some fun things around Utah. 

This is what I do most of the time: hang out with my little guy. Griffin started walking on August 15th, and is now a little pro. He is also starting to use a sippy cup and "talk". He is growing up so fast and I am enjoying watching him grow each day. 

The first Sunday that the State Fair was open, Jason's parents and us decided to check it out. We got to see all the animals including the cute sheep and gigantic pigs. We didn't go on any rides, but we enjoyed many exhibits. Jason and his Dad thought the butter sculpture was cool while Raeleen and I enjoyed the quilting and sewing show. 
They had an exhibit at the fair called Little Hands on the Farm that teaches little kids how farming is done. We decided to have Griffin participate in it. Among the many parts of the farm, he got to ride (sit) on a John Deer "tractor",

                                      trade in the "money" he earned for real crackers, 

sit on a real, big tractor, 

                                                    and "milk" a fake cow with Grandma. 
At the end of the day, we went to the rodeo that they have at the fair. Griffin was so tired, that he pooped out and fell asleep for most of it, but I thought it was really fun. I've been to a handful of rodeos, but this one was full of entertainment and it was pretty cool. They even had 3 skydivers jump out of a plane and land in the middle of the arena. We had a great time at the fair. 

Yep, I'm a big goofball and when I get around my sister I get even more goofy. On my last day in AZ, I asked my mom if she would braid my hair so I could wear it like that on the flight and then see Jason's reaction in SLC. So, my sister had hers done too, and here we are, me being a goof and her being beautiful as always.
When Griffin and I visited my family in Phoenix the last week of August, Griffin had a blast playing with his cousins Cody and Conner. Here they are in the car together. 
This is me and my best Arizona friend Brittany. We have known each other since 8th grade and have become quite close. She was in my wedding and I was in hers, and we still talk almost every day. 
This is my friend Aaron and I. We met freshman year in High School and have managed to remain in contact, along with our mutual friend Brittany. This time we went to dinner at Macayo's, a favorite Mexican restaurant in Phoenix. 
Griffin and I at the beach. Jason's parents own a beach home right off of Mission Beach in San Diego. They get to go there about twice a year, and most years we try and go too. This year I drove down with them, then Jason flew out mid-week. We also stayed there with numerous family friends, and my mom came the last weekend too. It wasn't Griffin's first time at the beach, but we came here last when he was just one month old, so this time was a little more enjoyable for the both of us. 
Jason was the only one who was able to get Griffin anywhere near the water. Before Jason got there, I could barely hold him in the waves, but then he loosened up when Daddy started playing with him. 
During Lyssa's short visit in Utah, we hung out with her sisters a lot. I have known them my whole life and I really enjoy their company. In this picture is Tasha, Becky, Karina, Lyssa, Tasha's daughter Makayla and me. Since Lyssa is Jason's cousin, I'll always be a part of their family now. 
During the summer, Jason had a chance to play on a baseball team with his brothers and some of his former classmates from Provo High. In this picture is Ryan, Nick, Raeleen and Griffin (Jason's mom), Jason's cousin Nate, Jason and Blake. All four of his brothers and Nate are really close and have been playing baseball all their lives. They love it. 
Here we are at Thanksgiving Point. We went with Jason's parents and two of his brothers, Ryan and Nick. 
Jason's brother Nick helping Griffin get a drink from the fountain.
This is Jason playing with Griffin one day at an Owls Game. They both love it. 
Two of my very good friends who also happen to be cousins, Lyssa and Afton. This was when Lyssa was about 20 weeks pregnant, at her baby shower. Now Lyssa lives in Qatar and Afton lives in Phoenix, of all places. 
Jason at work. We brought him a Mocha Freeze one day from Costco. 

My nephews Cody and Conner on their first day of Kindergarten.

I love and miss them so much, I had to include this picture of them on the "big boy" bus. 

For more pictures, I have everything downloaded from my camera here on my smugmug. 

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