Thursday, May 22, 2008

Its Raining, Its Pouring, Regan is snoring....

Last night my poor husband had to sleep on the couch because I kept snoring all night. I really tried not to when I found out I was alone in bed, but I couldn't make it stop. It happens when my allergies go into full-swing. Sorry Jason!
In other news, it is pouring RAIN!! It has been raining since noon today and has been windy and gloomy all day. I love it!! The only thing is, that today we are getting help from a friend, to use his truck to move furniture into our storage unit. Its all going to get wet. But, I have faith that the men will figure it out, because we really need to do it today. And I hear that tomorrow is going to be just as bad. At least the storage unit is very close to our apartment. 
Drip drip drop little May showers...... for now, I am going to continue packing and enjoy the sound of the rain. 

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