Sunday, February 17, 2008

What I Hate About Living in an Apartment Part 1

The neighbors that live above us. Oy. They are loud. That is an understatement. There is one man that lives there, but every other weekend his two roudy little boys make a visit. Elephants walk through their apartment at all hours, and it feels as if they like to run everywhere too. Now, when the kids are there, its worse. But what really stinks is you will hear a thud, thud, thud, thump. Then the next thing you hear is the dad yelling at them and then followed by the kids crying. It is plain as day. I always get an urge to bump the ceiling with the broom to see if that does anything, but then I know that Jason will think thats crazy and he is always around when I want to do it. It wouldn't be that bad if Griffin didn't have to nap. And it is most of the time only in the day, so I can't complain that they are disturbing the peace. Sometimes though, it falls after 10pm and I so badly want to go upstairs and complain. Then I think it through and either I decide that I will do it next time (and I never do) or my panic worry sets in I get scared that we are going to get shot or something else utterly ridiculous. It sounds ridiculous, but seriously I read the news, and scary crap happens out there. Anyway, I do realize that living on the bottom floor comes equipped with this unfavorable noise factor, but I guess it is easier to listen to the stampede up there than haul the stroller or Griffin himself up and down the stairs.

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